When it comes to delivering high-quality and reliable flare fittings, Flare Fittings Inc. stands at the forefront. One of our standout products is the 90-Degree Elbow, a versatile and essential component in numerous industries and applications. In this blog, I will walk you through what makes our 90-Degree Bend exceptional and why they should be your go-to choice for your next project.

What is a 90 Degree Elbow?

A 90 Degree Bend is a type of flare fitting developed to connect two tubes or pipes at right angles. This fitting is critical in systems where a change in direction is needed without compromising the integrity and flow of the transported medium. Our range of 90-Degree Bend fittings assures smooth running operations whether dealing with gaseous, hydraulic, or liquid media.

Applications for the 90 Degree Elbow

Our product is used extensively across various industries including:

Automotive: Fuel line system installations – brake lines.

HVAC: air conditioning systems as well as refrigeration systems.

Plumbing: Residential and commercial plumbing installations

Industrial: Hydraulic systems such as machinery

Benefits of Using Flare Fittings Inc.’s 90 Degree Elbow

Superior Quality and Durability

Quality remains our main priority while manufacturing these products at Flare Fittings Inc., which last for long due to their make from quality materials that resist wear and tear. Whether working with corrosive substances or operating under high pressure conditions, our fittings are built to last.

Ease of Installation

The ease with which our bends can be installed constitutes one advantage over other designs on the market today. These fitting can be effortlessly installed thus minimizing labor costs and downtime because they’re meticulously designed for precision connections resulting in leak-free system that guarantees peace-of-mind.

Versatile And Adaptable

Our bends are adaptable to many types of tubing material available in the market today making them ideal solution for different applications hence easily integrated into existing systems.

How To Choose The Right 90 Degree Elbow

In choosing a 90-degree bend for your next project, consider the following:

Material Compatibility: Ensure that the fitting materials are compatible with the fluid being transported.

Pressure Rating: Ensure that you match it to the requirements of your system.

Size and Dimensions: It should fit properly and perform optimally hence make sure you choose the right size.

Why Choose Flare Fittings Inc.?

At Flare Fittings Inc., we are committed to providing top-notch products and exceptional customer service. We manufacture our 90-Degree Bend fittings to meet the highest standards, resulting in reliable and efficient performance in all applications. We therefore seek to provide extensive solutions exceeding your expectations as we understand our client’s unique needs.


To sum up, these fittings clearly demonstrate Flare Fittings Inc.’s commitment to quality and innovation. They deliver dependable results along with ease of use, which makes them indispensable additions to any system. Trust Flare Fittings Inc. for all your flare fitting needs and experience the difference our products can make.

For more information or to place an order please visit our website or call us today through our customer care representative(s). Let us help determine which fitting is right for your next job!