At Flare Fittings Inc. we take pride in delivering quality products that guarantee seamless system operations. Within our wide range of products, one component stands out because of its versatility and accuracy: Angle Needle Valve Compression fittings. This blog post will discuss the features, applications, and advantages of our Angle Needle Valve Compression fittings and why it is crucial to have them in your toolbox.

What Is an Angle Needle Valve Compression Fitting?

An Angle Needle Valve Compression fitting is a specialized part used for controlling fluid flow with accuracy. It has a unique design with a needle-like plunger that fits into a cone-shaped seat to enable proper regulation of liquid content. The angle configuration promotes ease of installation as well as access in tight spaces hence making it a preferred option for many industrial uses.


For instance;

High Quality Materials – Our fittings are made from long-lasting materials such as stainless steel and brass thus ensuring they can last long without corroding.

Precision Engineering – With this needle valve design you can fine-tune the flow rates hence getting better systems control.

Easy Installation – The angled design supported by compression fitting enables ease of installation even where there are space limitations.

Leak-Proof – Our fittings provide leak-proof connections due to their robust construction methods and manufactured standards.


Our Angle Needle Valve Compression fittings can be utilized in various areas including:

Hydraulic Systems: Ensuring accurate control over the movement of fluids

Chemical Processing: Precise measurement of fluids is essential

Oil & Gas Industries: Managing the high-pressure flow of different types of fluids

Laboratory Equipment: Exerting exactitude over experimental conditions

HVAC Systems: Regulating cooling system refrigerant flow

Benefits Offered by Flare Fittings Inc.

When you choose our Angle Needle Valve Compression fittings, you get:

Reliability – Dependable performance is guaranteed since we make sure that these devices are made according to very strict quality requirements.

Expert Support – We are always ready with a team of experts who will help you in selecting as well as installing our products.

Competitive Pricing – We offer high-quality products at pocket-friendly prices thus ensuring that if you buy, you will get the value for your money.

Customization – It is possible to modify these fittings so that they match particular requests hence providing solutions that exactly serve your needs.

Installation Procedure

For the installation of Angle Needle Valve Compression fittings, follow these steps:

1. Cut the Tubing: Make sure the tubing is cut straight and clean.

2. Insert the Tubing: Push the tubing into the fitting until it reaches its bottom part.

3. Tighten the Nut: Secure the nut with a spanner tightly against the compression sleeve to obtain a leak-free joint.

4. Adjust the Needle: Modify the needle valve accordingly till fluid flow can be controlled as required.


At Flare Fittings Inc., we understand how important it is to have reliable, high-quality fittings in place in your systems. Our Compression fittings provide accurate control, durability, and ease of installation. Whether you are working in industry, laboratory, or HVAC settings our fittings deliver what you need.